1 A resident patient is

a.        A sick person who lives at home

b.       A resident of a hospital

c.        A sick person who lives alone

d.       A patient who lives with his doctor


2 The Adventure of the resident patient was written by

a.        Joseph Conrad

b.       Conrad Adenaur

c.        Arthur Constable Radford

d.       Arthur Conan Doyle

e.        Allen Ridley Scott


3 The setting for The Resident Patient is

a.        London

b.       Birmingham

c.        Liverpool

d.       Manchester

e.        Edinborough


4 The fictitious historical time of “The Resident Patient” is

a.        The seventeenth century

b.       The eighteenth century

c.        The nineteenth century

d.       The twentieth century

e.        The twenty-first century


5 The doctor and his patient reside in a

a.        Run down part of the city

b.       Fashionable part of the city

c.        Neighborhood at the outskirts of the city

d.       Hospital

e.        Rest home


6 The strange patients who come to the doctor are

a.        Greeks

b.       Hungarians

c.        Belgians

d.       Russians

e.        Estonians


7 Catalepsy is an old-fashioned word for

a.        Alzheimers disease

b.       Senility

c.        Parkinson’s disease

d.       Epilepsy

e.        Cerebral palsy


8 The Resident Patient is narrated by



                  c.  Sutton

                  d.  Watson

                  e.  Hilton Cubitt

9 Trevelyan is

                a.  the Doctor

                b.  the patient

                c. the Russian nobleman

                d.  the son of the Russian nobleman


10 Trevelyan was a

                a. promising student

                b. criminal from the beginning

                c. friend of Blessington

                d. criminal working with Worthingdon


11 The "Russians" know to fake

                a. a cataleptic illness

                b. schizophrenic malady

                c. ulcerative colitis

                d. an aquaintance with Greek literature

                e. a knowledge of British nobility


12 Blessington is

                a.             The Doctor

                b.             The patient

                c.             The Russian nobleman

                d.             The son of the Russian nobleman


13 Sutton is

                a. really Trevelyan

                b. really Blessington

                c. the Russian

                d. the son of the Russian


14 Blessington is afraid that

                a.             He’ll get sick

                b.             His money will be stolen

                c.             He’ll be killed


15 The doctor in need of help is

                a.             Dr. Trevelyan

                b.             Dr. Blessington

                c.             Dr. Sutton

                d.             Dr. Worthingdon


16 The Russian supposedly suffers from

                a  Autism

                b.  Egotism

                c.  Aryanism

                d.  Kleptomania

                e.  Catalepsy


17 The Russians are actually

                a.  Suttons old friends

                b.  Trevelyan’s old friends

                c.  Watson’s old friends

                d.  Hilton Cubitt’s old friends

e. agents from Russia


18 Blessington knows that his bedroom has been invaded because

                a. Trevelyan has the key.

                b. Holmes made a key

                c. the hinges of the door were broken

                d. the footprints tell him

                e. the fingerprints tell him


19 Sutton’s big offense was that he

                .               Helped the authorities convict the thieves

                b.             Killed Blessington

                c.             Killed Blessington’s brother

                d.             Lied to Holmes

                e.             Lied to Watson


20 Blessington claims (incorrectly) that he’s worried about intruders because                                                                                                                        

                a.             His health is in danger

                b.             His wife is in danger

                c.             His money is in a box in the bedroom

                d.             The deed to his house is in a box in the bedroom



21 Biddle, Hayward, and Moffat, are the

                a. The police Commission

                b.  Worthingdon gang

                c. The streets where Watson was assaulted

                d.The streets down which Holmes and Watson must travel to find the murderer.


22 A brougham is

                a. a unit of 19th century British currency.   

                b. a decorative 19th century repeating pistol. 

                c.  a cigar that was popular in 19th century Britain   

                d. an assistant police inspector in the London of Sherlocjk Holmes' time.

                e. a variety of horse drawn carriage.


23 Thanks to that traitor - that Sutton - someone was hanged by the authorities. That man was

                a. Blessington

                b. Tobin

                c. Cartwright

                d. Moffat

                e. Biddle


24 A gineau is

                a. unit of 19th century British currency   

                b. a 19th century repeating pistol 

                c.  a snake from India   

                d. an assistant police inspector 

                e. a horse drawn carriage


25 Catalepsy is an instance of

                a. schizophrenia        

                b. dropsy          

                c. epilepsy             

                d. paranoia           

                e. psychosis


26 Everyone except Holmes thinks that the scene of the terrible event is an instance of

                a. homicide

                b. suicide

                c. accidental overdose

                d. disease


27 According to Holmes, what happened in that bedroom was conducted in the manner of

                a.  a brutal slashing

                b. an obvious suicide

                c. a judicial proceeding

                d. a simple stabbing

                e. a carefully placed explosive


28 Blessington was actually

                a.             Sutton

                b.             Worthingdon

                c.             Pilkington

                d.             Moffat

                e.             Trevelyan


29 What terrible thing did Sutton do?

                a. He testified against his friends

                b. He murdered his friends' sister.

                c. He murdered his friend's lover

                d. He ran away from the scene of the crime


30 Blessington is ACTUALLY (in truth) afraid that...

                a. that his old friends will find him

                b. that the London police will find him.

                c. that the Parisian police will find him.

                d. that Trevelyan will find him

                e. that his wife will find him.


31 Who asks - insists - that Holmes be brought into this case?

                a. Trevelyan

                b. Holmes himself

                c. Watson

                d. Blessington

                e. Worthingdon


32 Why won't Holmes help Blessington with his mysterious problem?

                a. Holmes knows that Blessington deserves to be captured.

                b. Holmes knows that Blessington is trying to hurt Trevelyan

                c. Holmes is protecting Worthingdon.

                d. Holmes knows that Blessington is lying to him.

                e. Holmes hopes to use Blessington's mistakes as a way to catch Trevelyan.



33 The man who broke into Blessington's bedroom was

                a. one of the so called Russians.

                b. Holmes

                c. the police inspector

                d. No one actually broke into Blessington's room - he staged the burglery.


34 The page is actually

                a. working for Holmes.

                b. working for Blessington.

                c. working for the Worthingdon bank gang.

                d. working for the police.

                e. working for Sutton.


35 The old gang got away with

                a. only one hundred pounds

                b. fully 700,000 pounds

                c. no money at all - after murdering a man!


36 The protagonist of THE RESIDENT PATIENT is

a. Holmes

b. Watson

c. Trevelyan

d. Blessington

e. Sutton


37 The antagonist of THE RESIDENT PATIENT is

                a. one could argue that either Holmes or Watson is the antagonist.

                b. One could argue that either Blessington or the Worthingdon gang is the antagonist.

                c. One could argue that Trevelyan alone is the antagonist.

                d. One could argue that the police are the antagonists.


38 The main conflict in THE RESIDENT PATIENT is best described as

                a. man against man.

                b. man against nature.

                c. man against society

                d. man against Holmes


39 The torn up remnant of a newspaper clutched by Blessington contained

                a. an advertisement for poisons

                b. a wanted dead or alive notice for HIM.

                c. news that he would be prosecuted

                d. news that the police were about to move in on him.

                e. news of the release of the old criminal gang.


40 The old gang wants

                a. to get out of England

                b. to get revenge on Trevelyan

                c. to get revenge on Blessington

                e. to get news of Worthingdon


41 Holmes knows that two or three men did the deed, because

                a. the footprints and the cigar butts show at least least two - perhaps three men  were there.

                b. the names on the paper sitting on Sutton's chest of draws point to at least three perpetrators.

                c. three diffferent messages were recieved by Trevelyan from two different messengers.

                d. The page saw several men ascend the stairs - "At least two and maybe thee."


42 The investigating police detective is

                a. Lanier

                b. Lambert

                c. Lanner

                d. Leplante

                e. Lafontaigne


43 It seems clear from his behavior that Blessington

                a. wanted to get out of London the night after the Russians visited

                b. knew he was being pursued.

                c. Cared more about his money than about his own life

                d. cared more about his money than about Trevelyan's safety.



                a. the murderers get away - and only later die of natural causes.

                b. the gang is shot by Blessington

                c. both Blessington and the gang members kill each other.

                d. the gang loses to Blessington, and it takes Sherlock Holmes to subdue and capture Blessington.



                a. only the page dies

                b. the page helps Holmes catch the perpetrators

                c. the page is released by the authorities for lack of evidence

                d. the page once worked for Holmes - and so provides critical evidence.


46 The steam ship NORA CREINA plays a strange and surprising role in the story's conclusion. It seems

       that the NORA CREINA was

                a. where Holmes met Watson ten years earlier.

                b. Where Holmes and Watson vacation after the case is solved.

                c. where the crime was originally committed – ten years ago.

                d. where the gang dies in a ship wreck after escaping from the police.

                e. where Trevelyan goes at the end of the story – to recuperate.



47 It should be very clear from the story that Brook Street was and is

                a. one of London's most dangerous streets

                b. one of London's dirtiest streets

                c. a street in Manchester - not London.

                d. one of London's rich and exclusive streets.

                e. One of  New York's streets.



48 Trevelyan would have gone directly from medical school to a lucrative doctor's practice were it not


                a. he had committed that crime in his youth

                b. he lacked the money to set up a practice

                c. he was committed by contract to work for Blessington

                d. he owed money to Worthingdon, and could only work for them for a five year period.

                e. he owed money to Moffat, and could only work for him for a five year period.


49 The old gang was known as the

                a. Sutton Bank Gang.

                b. the Worthingdon Bank Gang

                c. the Moffat Group

                d. the Brook Street Mob.

                e. the Holding Company


50 The original crime was in 1875. It was widely known as the

                a. Sutton bank affair

                b. The great India Mutiny

                c. The Moffat Break In

                d. The Great Holding Company affair of '75.

                e. The Great Worthingdon Bank Business




Match the following characters. Match letters may be repeated.




                51 Sutton                                              



                                                                                                  a.  One of the revenge seeking gang members


                52 Tobin                                                         



                                                                                                  b.  The  murder victim during the robbery


                53 Cartwright




                                                                                                     c. An innocent doctor


                54 Biddle



                                                                                                    d. The traitor to the criminal gang - who

                                                                                                          testified against his fellow gang members.                                                                           


                55 Hayward



                                                                                                  e. The gang member who was originally hanged

                                                                                                      by the legal authorities after the original crime 

                                                                                                        and trial.

                56 Moffat





                57 Trevelyan





               58 Blessington





59 Watson comes up with a wild speculation about what happened to Blessington’s bedroom. He

      speculates that

a.        The Russians broke in Blessington’s bedroom

b.       The Page broke in to Blessington’s bedroom

c.        The Doctor broke in to Blessington’s bedroom

d.       The police broke into Blessington’s bedroom

                                      Of course, Holmes quickly proves him wrong.



60  Blessington was an “odd bird” according to Trevelyan. This is an example of

a.        Hyperbole

b.       Simile

c.        Metaphor

d.       Understatement

e.        Overstatement


61  The man was hanging from the ceiling. He looked like a skinned chicken.  This is an example of

a.        Hyperbole

b.       Simile

c.        Metaphor

d.       Understatement

e.        Overstatement


62  According to Watson, “Holmes has outsmarted criminals and police detectives a million times.”

a.         Hyperbole

b.       Simile

c.        Metaphor

d.       Understatement

e.        Overstatement


63 When Holmes talks with Watson, they engage in

a.        Hyperbole

b.       Simile

c.        Metaphor

d.       dialogue

e.        monologue


64 The conflict for Holmes and Watson is a literary instance of

a.        onomatopoeia

b.       metonymy

c.        external conflict

d.       internal conflict

e.        extroversion


65 Holmes asks Trevelyan, “When did the clouds of suspicion begin to frown angrily upon you and

      your  patient?” 

a.        Hyperbole

b.       Verisimilitude

c.        Metaphor

d.       Personification

e.        Intensification


66. The “Russians” use the catalepsy attack in the doctor’s office as a trick to

a. get into Trevelyan’s room

b. get into Blessington’s room

c. get into the page’s room.

67. The page is secretly working for

a. Blessington and Sutton

b. Trevelyan

c. Moffat, Biddle, and Hayward

d. Holmes and Watson


68. The murderers who killed the resident patient

a. are captured by the police

b. escape and get away

c. die as they are shot escaping

d. escape – but then kill each other in a struggle over the stolen money


69. The murderers of the resident patient

a. escape to Spain

b. escape to Italy

c. escape to France – where they are imprisoned for a different crime

d. appear to have died when their ship sank.

e. are shot by Watson


70. The page is - in the end -

a. released when the charges are dropped for insufficient evidence.

b. dies while trying to escape the police.

c. fall from the third story window and dies

d. is murdered in jail